Which Exercise Should You Use?

Which Exercise Should You Use?

Different methods

While there are many different methods that one can use in order to enlarge the penis, it’s important that when trying to decide which method will be best. The individual should take into consideration whether they are looking simply to add size, or if they are also hoping to achieve maximum results in both size and length.

While some men wish only to add girth, many others want to utilize them with the goal of adding as much length to their penis as possible. However, don’t worry. There is an easy penis enlargement exercise for everyone.

The first of the many penis enlargement exercises that anyone can perform is the Arabian Jelq.

For those unfamiliar with these penis enlargement exercises, they are composed of a series of motions that are meant to strengthen the muscles, which are located between the penis and the testicles.

When these muscles are strong enough, it allows for an erection to be attained which increases. Both width and length of the penis.

This exercise can be performed in a matter of minutes a day. And it may even be done while sitting, standing, or even lying down! This penis exercise is effective for both adding girth to the penis and for adding length as well.

Next on the list of penis enlargement exercise that anyone can perform is the Kegel exercise. Although it may sound complicated, the kegel exercise is actually quite simple to understand. Simply follow the steps outlined below and you should be able to perform the exercise in less than a minute.

While it may take longer than the Arabian Jelq, it is much easier to perform. And it just as effective in both size and girth.