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My friend is looking for a semi-auto shotgun that is also bottom ejecting.​ Either he's left handed or he reloads shotgun shells and he doesn't like having to look all over creation for his ejected spent cases.​ Yes the afore mentioned cti is the only semi I know of, if your friend. the Browning BPS pump is bottom ejecting and the Ithica 37?​ I bought a BPS for almost the same reason you are looking, left handed son, back-up for me (RH).​ Remington Model 17's are also bottom eject.

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By Doudal - 14:53
In firearms, downward ejecting refers to firearms which eject spent cases downward from the firearm's receiver, rather than the more conventional designs which.
By Malashicage - 01:22
"This amazing autoloader is also the only shotgun to feature a “Double-Down” bottom feed and ejection mechanism. It's truly ambidextrous and.
By Dougar - 00:56 › bbs › viewtopic.
By Voodoohn - 06:16
I believe that was a unique design that Remington spent a lot of time and money engineering. It's unfortunate that they didn't get it quite right in.
By Togis - 17:07 › forums › showthread.

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