Phalloplasty: Male Enhancement that Actually Works

Phalloplasty: Male Enhancement that Actually Works

A word about male enhancements first

In this article we are going to talk about wonders of phalloplasty. We’ve all seen the television commercials, heard the radio ads, and deleted the spam. All for so-called “natural male enhancement” supplements. Most of us realized right away that this was just another scam perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. A few of you — and you know who you are – may have actually tried these products, only to be sorely disappointed when it came to that increase in size. Don’t feel bad; we all fall for tricks at some point in our lives. I, myself, actually purchased a Pet Rock in the mid-1970’s!

The truth is, most of us don’t have the knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Required to make informed judgments about such pseudo-medical claims. Lucky for you, dear readers, that I am an Anatomy and Physiology teacher. I can separate the myths from the facts for you.

We don’t have a high opinion of male enhancement pills

There is NO physiological mechanism by which they could possibly increase the size of the penis. They may cause blood vessels to dilate and allow the erectile tissues of the penis to fill more fully with blood. This can lead to firmer, longer-lasting erections, I’ll grant them that. They will decidedly NOT, however, produce any increase in either length or girth! If that is your true goal, then cosmetic surgery is your only viable option. Women have been enhancing themselves surgically for decades. Why shouldn’t we guys get in on modern advancements in plastic surgery, too.

Phalloplasty as a procedure

The procedure I’m talking about is called phalloplasty (“phallus” being the Latin for penis). Until recently, the procedure had only been performed on men who had lost their penis. Due to injury, infection, cancer, men who had been born with penile defects, and female-to-male transsexuals undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Nowadays, many cosmetic surgeons consider the procedure to be the male equivalent to female breast augmentation. Of course, as an elective procedure based upon aesthetic desire rather than medical necessity. Most patients bear the cost of the procedure themselves (up to $10,000).

Men are typically looking for one or both of the following results: increase in length and/or increase in girth. The procedures for each differ. Of course, the most expensive option is to choose both procedures. It is important to note that neither of the surgeries will impair the ability to achieve erection or the ability to have children. Let’s look at each procedure separately, although, in practice, both are often performed simultaneously.

Increasing Penile Length with Phalloplasty

Most men are not aware that the visible portion of the penis (the part that hangs outside the body). It represents only 2/3 of the total length of that fun, copulatory organ! Another 1/3 (3 to 4 inches) lies inside the pelvic cavity, and is suspended from the pubic bone by two ligaments: the suspensory ligament and the fundiform ligament. When these ligaments are surgically severed, an inch or more of length can be added to the flaccid penis. Improvements in erection size can be even greater! Patients may need to wear a counterweight on the penis to prevent scar retraction (shortening) until they are completely healed. This procedure is quite safe.

Increasing Thickness with Phalloplasty

There is no universal consensus on the best method to increase girth (although I have my own personal preference). Two methods are in common use today.

Lipo Sculpture

This involves the harvesting of one’s own adipose (i.e. fatty) tissue from some other part of the body, transplanting it into the penis, and then molding it to the most aesthetically appealing shape. The benefits of this procedure are minimal scarring and a zero chance of rejection of the graft (since it is your own tissue).

Dermal Graft or foreign tissue (i.e. cadaver) transplant

The main problems are that, grafting from your own body requires two surgical incisions (one where they harvest the fat and one where they transplant it), and cadaver transplants increase the likelihood of rejection. When the latter happens, the penis may become infected and possibly deformed.

Certified phalloplasty doctors only!

In any case, be sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified and a member of The American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons (AAPS). This pretty much exhausts my knowledge of the subject, so if you have further questions or concerns, please contact a reputable cosmetic surgeon. Yes, this costs a great deal more than Extenze, yohimbe, and so on, but if you’re looking for real results, it’s the only way to go!