How to Measure Penis Length

How to Measure Penis Length

Getting It Right For Your Satisfaction

No matter how big your penis is, or how long it is, don’t fret over the so-called “measurement” of penis length. You see, the size of a penis simply doesn’t determine your worth in bed, or in general. What truly matters is how well you know and use techniques to increase your sexual performance, and, the more importantly, how well you know how to measure penis length.

In the art of making love, there are two things that separate men who make really good sex partners from men who are merely “pretty good,” i.e., with above average size penis. Those men who are able to measure their own sexual performance and know how to interpret the results get far more “work out” and satisfaction out of their sex life than those who simply rely on the answers given by others. This is why most good experts encourage you to learn how to measure your own penis and use the right measurements to get the right size.

The most important tip is to start measuring yourself at the base, which is the base of the penis. Once you’ve found this out, you can move up to the corona (the part that glans looks like). And finally, once you’ve reached the head, measure from the base to the crown. Do these three measurements and you will be well on your way to knowing just how much you should be penis lengthwise. If you start measuring from the wrong measurements, you’ll never know how much to strive to increase in the end.