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For more than half of women who develop metastatic breast cancer, the bones are the first site of metastasis. A sudden, noticeable new pain is. Metastatic breast cancer (also called stage IV) is breast cancer that has spread to another part of the body, most commonly the liver, brain, bones, or lungs.​ Nearly 30% of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will develop metastatic disease.​ So if breast cancer spreads.

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By Tygosar - 20:17
Breast cancer that has spread to the bones is known as secondary or metastatic breast cancer in the bone. Some people also refer to it as bone metastases or.
By Mazulrajas - 01:33
Bone metastasis occurs when cancer cells spread from their original site to a to spread to bone, including breast cancer and prostate cancer.
By Gasida - 13:23
Metastatic breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes to other organs in the body (most often the bones, lungs.
By Shagami - 12:14
Bone metastasis or bone mets occurs when cancer cells from the primary tumor, such as prostate, breast, and lung cancer, spread to the bone.
By Malagal - 04:56
For example, the average overall survival for metastatic breast cancer with bone metastases is 19 to 25 months(and thought to be increasing).

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