Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone?

Did you know that masturbation can actually decrease your testosterone? While it is true that masturbation reduces testosterone, it will not drastically reduce levels. In addition, it does not cause any muscle loss. Although it may give professional bodybuilders an edge, it will not make a noticeable difference to most people. While there are many benefits to masturbation, there are […]

Gas Station Penis Pill

Buying a gas station penis pill can be a risky proposition. While they are available over the counter, gas station pills may contain illegal and dangerous ingredients, and their safety and effectiveness is questionable. The FDA recently conducted the largest study of gas station products to date. It also found that gas station pills can interact with prescription medications, especially […]

Why Is My Sex Drive So High?

Why is my sex drive so high? It is important to note that a high sex drive is not necessarily a bad thing. While it may be tempting to indulge during certain times, it can also lead to many problems. For instance, it may indicate a mental or emotional problem. You should consult a doctor to determine what’s causing this. […]

How Big is a Big Penis

Find Out Are you looking to find out how big is a big penis? Many men are interested in penis enlargement and they want to know the truth. Are you one of them who have tried all of the pills, pumps, and creams but still have no success? I understand how you feel because I was in the same position […]

How to Measure Penis Length

Getting It Right For Your Satisfaction No matter how big your penis is, or how long it is, don’t fret over the so-called “measurement” of penis length. You see, the size of a penis simply doesn’t determine your worth in bed, or in general. What truly matters is how well you know and use techniques to increase your sexual performance, […]

Which Exercise Should You Use?

Different methods While there are many different methods that one can use in order to enlarge the penis, it’s important that when trying to decide which method will be best. The individual should take into consideration whether they are looking simply to add size, or if they are also hoping to achieve maximum results in both size and length. While […]

Are Male Fertility Supplements Effective?

If you’re interested in improving your fertility, don’t despair Male fertility problems aren’t as uncommon as you might think. In fact, the male reproductive system is fairly complex, so it’s not entirely surprising that natural male fertility supplements can improve male fertility. Getting enough Zinc in your diet is important to improving and maintaining fertility naturally. Recent studies have proven […]

New Parents-to-Be Want the Truth Concerning Circumcision

Circumcision decision is really up to a parents call To surgically cut the foreskin from the newborn baby boy’s penis is called circumcision. Deciding to or not to surgically cut the foreskin from the newborn baby boy’s penis is hard. The question that must be answered by parents. To be faced with weighing the pros and cons of circumcision. Merriam […]

Phalloplasty: Male Enhancement that Actually Works

A word about male enhancements first In this article we are going to talk about wonders of phalloplasty. We’ve all seen the television commercials, heard the radio ads, and deleted the spam. All for so-called “natural male enhancement” supplements. Most of us realized right away that this was just another scam perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. A few of you […]

What Are the Best Testosterone Boosters?

Penis enlargement pills have been on the market for a number of years and there seems to be a product or a system for almost every imaginable sexual issue. You can get penis pills for erectile dysfunction, for premature ejaculation, for harder erection and for jelqing. You can get pills that increase libido and give you more stamina during sex […]